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The Best Abs Exercises


Abdominal Hold

Sit tall on the edge of a sturdy chair (or step with four risers) and place your hands on the edge with your fingers pointing toward your knees.

Tighten your abs and bring your toes 2 to 4 inches off the floor. Lift your butt off the chair.
Hold this position for as long as you can — aim for 5 to 10 seconds.
Lower yourself down and repeat.
Continue this exercise for 1 minute.

The Side Crunch

Kneel on the floor and lean all the way over to your right side, placing your right palm on the floor.
Keeping your weight balanced, slowly extend your left leg and point your toes.
Place your left hand behind your head, pointing your elbow toward the ceiling.
Next, slowly lift your leg to hip height as you extend your arm above your leg, with your palm facing forward.
Look out over your hand while bringing the left side of your rib cage toward your hip.
Lower to your starting position and repeat 6 to 8 times.
Do two sets of 6 to 8 reps, and then switch sides.

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